Conference aims

OGRS brings together a large collection of innovative research projects from around the world, with the goal of examining how research uses and contributes to open source initiatives. By presenting their research, OGRS contributors shed light on how the open-source approach impacts research, and vice-versa.

Moreover, the symposium incorporates an educational aspect with the aim to examine the knowledge triangle - research, education, and innovation - through the lens of how open source methods can improve education efficiency. Based on their experience, OGRS contributors bring to the table ideas on how open source training is likely to offer pedagogical advantages to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in tomorrow’s geospatial labor market.

Finally, the main wish is to demonstrate how the use and development of open source software strengthen education, research and innovation in the geospatial fields. Therefore, through OGRS, contributors share their expertise in research and education in order to highlight the decisive advantages of openness over the limits imposed by the closed-source license system.

By these ways, OGRS becomes a catalyst platform able to favor the creation of new collaborations for research and innovation between research teams, public agencies and industries.